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This is not a chatbot. This is EBA.

Business Assistant … Digital Twin … Business Process AI … top-down RPA/BPU/BPA … whatever you call it by, engineers need the best techniques in order to bring valuable AI to their customers. EBA presents a unique and proven model based on modern, patent-pending, approaches to machine reasoning.

The Embedded Business AI (“EBA”) framework is an open, hybrid multi-cloud deployable, omni-channel, enterprise-class, digital AI framework used by developers to enable advanced domain-specific process automation (RPA) use cases for business users. Unlike other dialog management systems that use rule-based reasoning and predicate logic, with EBA you describe your business domain to the machine in a simple, consistent, complete and straightforward way. Dialog (whether human:machine or machine:machine interaction) are simply inputs to and outputs from the reasoning core.

In other words: this is not a chatbot.

Watson Marketing Assistant powered by EBA

What can you do with EBA?

In the video below, see how IBM used EBA to create an omni-present “digital twin” for marketing professionals that supports its human counterpart wherever she may conduct business.

IBM Watson Marketing

We also have sample agents for other domains, like Supply Chain, within the dev lab for you to dig into.


This is the public home of the Embedded Business AI framework (“EBA”). Please log issues you encounter with EBA, and if you have a contribution, please submit a pull request.


Developers, feel free to explore EBA, build your AI experiences, and share with your work colleagues and friends. When it comes time for you to release to production, please contact us and we’ll help get you over the line. Services include developer integration support, service level agreements, and access to the latest AI contributions from our staff and partners.


EBA is a framework constructed and operated by the EBA platform engineering team at IBM. This repository hosts documentation and sample configurations that work with the EBA core platform. This content is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Full license text is available in LICENSE.

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