IBM Embedded Business AI Framework




Core concepts

EBA is an ecosystem of domain specific agents. In order to encapsulate and expose common functionality across our system, EBA contains a set of prebuiilt native agents. These agents, like any other agents, implement a set of concepts which can be utilized and extended by other agents within the ecosystem. In this article, we aim to highlight the key set of concepts which developers may want to familarize themselves with in order to better understand the generic functionalities they have available. The catalog below is not meant to be exhaustive, and, as with all our agents, you can view their further details within our dev lab at

System interface

Concepts which represent a high level interface for capturing the role of your concept, e.g. a textual message or a showable data element.


All action concepts are a subclass of :Message as they reprsent operations by the machine which require user interaction, e.g. show data elements or remove data elements will produce the appropriate message to the user. The following concepts are analogous to CRUD operations, all which are supported by our system.

Basic data entities

These concepts represent the basic types of data which our system provides OOB.



These concepts represent aggregration and modifier operations on top of collections. Typically these concepts will be used in conjunction with certain predicates and collections, e.g. :SortedBy(:Quantity, :SalesOrders).


These concepts represent certain language qualifiers for designated entities. Often times these qualifiers can be ommitted in natural language, and, consequently, they are often denoted as optional when used within semantic actions.


These concepts pertain to extending custom NLG capabilties.

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