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We begin our understanding of ontology by first looking at the notion of a concept. A concept is simply an object in your domain that the assistant is able to recognize. For example, in the marketing domain, we have concepts for mailings, open-rates, click-rates, etc. A concept in denoted by a colon :. For example :Mailings denotes the mailings concepts. Concepts should additionally be prefixed with the domain of your skill. For example, marketing:Mailings signifies the mailings concept in the marketing domain.

Concepts and their relationship to other concepts are defined in an ontology. In fact, an ontology is simply a set of relationships between different concepts in rdf format, i.e. subject-predicate-object triples. Consider the following examples below.

:OpenRate subClassOf :Showable

Here we specify that :OpenRate is a concept which subclasses or derives from the :Showable concept. This system is able to visually render all :Showable objects, so we are effectively making our open rate concept viewable to the end user.

:Mailings isListOf :Mailing

Here we specify that the :Mailings concept is a list composed of individual :Mailing concepts. This is useful for actions that the assistant performs when working with collections.

Certain native predicates have significant meaning for our system. We will detail a few of them below.

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