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Channel Snippets

EBA provides a number of integration capabilties. Currently, we support EBA as an application in its own right within Slack as well as Watson Workspace. In these external channels, EBA is able to automatically create screenshots and live snippets for richer visualization experience. Such interactive content is now seamlessly served within SCI Resolution Rooms (fka Watson Workspace). This feature serves as a good example of how EBA powered data can be delivered across various channels leveraging their unique features. You can think about EBA content embedding into web pages, conversational systems, presentations, e-mails, sharing information with peers or publishing it to public.

Channel snippets

Some use cases to consider

If you are working in Slack and ask a question with returns a large collection of tabular data, you will find that the native api offered by this channel, as rich as it is, does not suffice to provide the same capabilities as native EBA webui. By utilizing web snippets in these external channels, you will not only be able to better view, filter, sort, and export your data, but, in principle, you will be able to maintain a parity between your user experience within EBA webui and outside of it as well.

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