IBM Embedded Business AI Framework




This sample illustrates a method of integrating different assistants built with Watson Assistant (WA) into the EBA framework. In particular, it highlights how EBA can function as an orchestrator to these various assistants.


As outlined within the agent’s description, there is one preliminary asset which should be configured within the agent, viz. config.js. This configuration file simply outlines the different instances you wish EBA to orchestrate. The following information should be provided to describe a given instance:


The Watson Assistant Orchestrator agent utilizes our @fallback endpoint as an entry point into its orchestration. This means that your WA instances will be considered for execution in the event that our native processing pipeline is not able to resolve a user’s question. In the event that @fallback is triggered, the orchestrator agent will probe each instance by passing along the user’s input and selecting the response with the highest confidence score. Having selected the most confident assistant, we execute then execute the question against assistant, propagating the response to the user. Note that sessions are tracked within the assistant provide a stateless probing phase as well as an execution phase which actually serves to advance the dialog. We utilize both V1 and V2 Watson apis for this purpose.

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